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What does user-generated content—or UGC for short—mean to you personally? If you said something along the lines of a buzzword or a short-lived fad, it’s time to wipe that mental slate squeaky clean. And hey, think of reading this piece as the first step. Why should you think differently about UGC? — Photography is highly democratic, and just about anyone with a smartphone and internet access can become a visual content creator. This has made social platforms like Twitter and Instagram a goldmine of visual content, and the billions of photos and videos on social media range from the mundane to the why-didn’t-I-think-of-that brilliant.

Out there that’ll work perfectly for your branding. UGC travel photo image manipulation service Photos and videos from everyday people can hold more influence than stock photography or in-house visuals. Instagram photo by This content is effective, too. We’re always talking about marketing to millennials, who surpassed Boomers last year to become the largest living generation in the US. And given millennials’ penchant for technology, the internet and all things social media, it’s really no surprise that they find UGC 50% more trustworthy and 35% more memorable than other forms of media.

Young folks aren’t the only ones. Another survey shows us that 70% of respondents “trust images taken from people like them over brand created images.” And in a world where microstock photography is sterile rather than convincing, publishing UGC is becoming more than just a bold marketing tactic. Just think about shopping online. Sure, adjective-studded company copy and in-house images and designs are a necessary piece of the puzzle. But for most of us, verified reviews with customer photos are what seals the deal let these nightmares happen.


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